Examining or setting up a (new) brand sometimes requires more than just the conceptual and implementation process. Your company grows and chan-ges. How do you move along? Maybe you want to have a better picture of how you are as a person in a process of change or you want to better define your position within the company.

Sometimes there is a need for reflection and guidance before, during or after a project. In all these situations you can come to us for coaching.


Why choose TIN CUP Partners? Because we do not carry out assignments, but offer solutions. Just a bit different from the rest. We recognise bottlenecks and formulate the right questions. Based on careful analysis, we always dare to give you our best advice. Even if that’s not what you thought it would be. The moment -after an extensive conversation- when we have the right start feels special every time. Everything starts to flow and gives energy. A feeling we like to convey to you!


What can TIN CUP Partners offer you? The perfectly fitting solution for that tricky problem that kept you awake for so long. That is our trademark. An accurate picture, both surprising and familiar. Sometimes even touching. Packaged in a recognisable, future-proof total concept that is guaranteed to work. We give meaning to identity. That makes our customers very happy.