If the cups
could talk

what story would they tell?

Tin Cup partners

Creators of brands

There is always a ‘why’

At some point you started. Because you thought you could do better. Or because you could offer something that others could not. That is exactly what sets your company apart from the rest. Your foundation.

back to basic

Tincups symbolise back to basic. Back to the origin, the core. Your very first camping experience. Back then they were new, without dents and butts.. They stand for warmth and tranquillity in your head. At a campfire with hot coffee or tea. Time to think. Time to think about what you’ve done and what you still want to do. Time to make plans. Set out your goals, and map out a route to achieve them.
Their visible traces tell about your journey. The highlights, the setbacks and what you have learned from them. But you can always rely on them. They symbolise your ‘why’.


The honest story

We love real people and real companies. The honest story. TINCUP allows your origin and identity to speak. Clear, recognisable and familiar. We market your brand and make your reputation personal. Customers feel and understand what your company stands for and what you have to offer. You are ready for the future.

What would your tincups tell us?


Your drive is the foundation of entrepreneurship. You go for the best results and you want a healthy company. But then there is that restless feeling. The overall picture is not quite right. Making a living from your passion is not as simple as it seems. You notice that your ideal client does not understand what you have to offer. They don’t recognise themselves in your way of communicating. It creates tension.

Consistent is clear

Branding, putting your brand on the market, is more important than ever. Consistent branding makes clear what you do, who you do it for and why you do it. That creates your foundation, your good name, your reputation. That is the basis for your future choices. Clear branding is of great importance because it ensures the growth of your company, your organisation. The right approach largely determines your chance of success. That is not about tips and tricks, it is all about a careful process.

Dynamic creates energy

Making your brand recognisable in the market is a challenge. The market and the consumer are changing ever faster. Today’s choices will be outdated tomorrow. As a brand, you have to move at the same speed. A dynamic brand does that. It enables you to follow trends across the board. In text, image, film, design and concept, you stay active and up to date with large and small adjustments. Sometimes minimal changes suffice. Sometimes you need to respond to current events or make a U-turn. A dynamic brand requires flexibility in thinking and moving. This allows more energy to be created. You continue to attract attention.

If you don’t, you unintentionally give your competitor more space than you would like. And you risk losing trust in your brand. A big dent in your recognizability could be the result. So you have to be able to adapt and be flexible, without losing your core values. Quite a challenge indeed!

recognition and trust

Building a strong brand means building recognition and trust. Consistent and relevant communication based on the identity of your organisation is the most important task. And that is exactly what TIN Cup Partners can do for you. Our trademark is to thoroughly cooperate with you for recognition and trust.


A true brand does not just come out of the blue. Do you want to communicate in a consistent and recognisable manner? This requires a preparatory stage in which we make an analysis of the DNA of you and your organisation. Call it a search for your true nature, for your values. That makes a brand sincere and ensures that your potential client believes and trusts you.

In addition to the DNA, your identity, you are also involved in drawing up your plan and determining your place in the market. We call that navigating because it will rarely be one straight line that you end up with. You will have to deal with obstacles or resistance. Or with an acceleration or unexpected positive turn. We flexibly deal with this, knowing it brings you faster into calmer waters.

In this way, the preliminary stage works both ways. TIN CUP Partners can work with an honest and solid basis as a starting point for a good concept. And you get more insight into who you are as a person or as anorganization. It sheds light on, what you can do and where you want to be.


Identity is that which makes your company or you as a person unique. Your characteristics and core values, your DNA. Who, what, where and why. Only when you know who you are and what drives you, you are able to communicate what you stand for. Then you leave the right impression on your target group and create impact. We make your identity visible.


Together we skillfully determine our goal and map out the route to that goal. Navigating also means responding to the things that come your way, skillfully manoeuvring between obstacles and using opportunities. You can, with peace of mind, leave this art of navigating and organizing to us.


A well-founded and future-proof plan visualizes your identity and the path you are going to take. It forms the foundation of your company. Good and distinctive content creates the brand experience that goes with it. Clear, simple, sustainable, but also surprising. With a strong brand as a result. Creating an effective concept is our trademark.



Your question is clear and we have defined Identity, Navigation and Concept together. Now we can take the next step and really make your brand come alive. TIN CUP Partners works on the basis of 4 principles.

Transparency  Be crystal clear about your intentions. Let real people tell a real story. Share knowledge if this contributes to your mission.

Responsibility  Take responsibility for everything and everyone connected to your organisation. That is the most important condition for commitment.

Uniqueness  Follow your passion and mission personally and sincerely, that’s what makes you unique and proud.

Empathy  Be aware of the customer’s needs and the relevance of your brand. This ensures an equal and reciprocal basis.

We make your brand and reputation personal! Every part we roll out from now on will breathe your brand. Whether it is a logo, text, image, film or website. Everyone recognises who you are, and for whom you do what you do.


Why choose TIN CUP Partners? Because we do not carry out assignments, but offer solutions. Just a bit different from the rest. We recognise bottlenecks and formulate the right questions. Based on careful analysis, we always dare to give you our best advice. Even if that’s not what you thought it would be. The moment -after an extensive conversation- when we have the right start feels special every time. Everything starts to flow and gives energy. A feeling we like to convey to you!


What can TIN CUP Partners offer you? The perfectly fitting solution for that tricky problem that kept you awake for so long. That is our trademark. An accurate picture, both surprising and familiar. Sometimes even touching. Packaged in a recognisable, future-proof total concept that is guaranteed to work. We give meaning to identity. That makes our customers very happy.

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Branding is all about attention and reputation


Irmgard Nieuwenhuis and Henk Rinzema are the foundation of TIN CUP Partners. Driven professionals with unique talents and a wealth of experience. They believe in empathy, always get to the heart of the matter and know how to tease out the core problem. They listen and unravel. They put together a team of professionals for each assignment. For each occasion, the team is as large as the solution requires. Photo, film, sound, text, logo, digital activation, application or presentation? Our specialised permanent team members are all passionate professionals with an excellent sense of style and charisma. TIN CUP Partners make it work!

Irmgard Nieuwenhuis

Henk Rinzema

Martijn Rondel

Jeroen Rinzema

Gijs Versteeg

Klemens Patijn

Anouk Mandemaker

Jonathan Mak

Thijn Swart

Jacomien Wolfkamp

Tim Alstadt

Bertil van Wieren



We take every assignment very seriously. We place all our designs and concepts with CC Proof, free of charge. In this way, we guarantee copyright with an official document. We give our clients a registration with which they really can make a point if necessary.

CC Proof is the sister company of the largest trademark agency in the Netherlands, De Merkplaats in Amsterdam. As a result, CC Proof can call on the services of a wide range of lawyers in the event of any ambiguity or conflict. And is there a desire to register a name and/or visual trademark in Benelux, Europe or Internationally? In that case we will ensure that this process is set in motion as well. Always at the right price, with the best conditions and the best lawyers at the helm.


We market your brand and make Your reputation personal

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